Many people like face masks as they can deliver great results for your skin. However this doesn’t mean that everyone is using face masks. There is also many people who believe that face masks are a very expensive and time-consuming skin care method. This is true for some of the face masks available in the market, but not all the face masks are the same. Face masks from nügg Beauty are very easy to use and are much affordable.

Using the right face mask can help hydrate your skin, remove oils, and improve appearance of pores. A healthy skin care regime should include both products in which you use daily and products that you use weekly or as needed. Face masks usually fall in the weekly use product category, but you can of course use them more often, depending on your skin type or skin concern.

nügg offers a wide range of face masks to suit different skin types and concerns. The list includes Deep Cleansing Face Mask, Hydrating Face Mask, Multi-Masking Sets, Lip Boosting Mask, and many more. Some of the advantages of using these award winning face masks from nügg are listed below.

Natural Face Mask


nügg Beauty is all about providing prestige quality skin treatments at affordable prices. The nügg facial masks are available in single-serve pods that are very affordable for the users. nügg facial masks are formulated using innovative technology and over 90% natural ingredients.


The single-serve face mask pods allow you to mix and match your face masks based on what your skin’s current needs may be. They are also incredibly convenient to travel with and will never take up a lot of room in your cosmetic bag. Many beauty bloggers bring the single serve pods from nügg Beauty with them on their travels.

Ease of Use

You only need to wear nügg face mask for five to fifteen minutes to reap the benefits. This makes our products the go-to face mask, for even the most time-starved people. You can even apply the soothing gel-based face mask and leave it overnight. Not only are the quick to do their job, but the gel formula stays put on your face. No need to lay completely still like when using sheet masks.