Best Face Mask

Whether you took multiple trips to the beach or stayed put in your backyard this summer, it’s likely that you have been spending a lot more time under the sun than usual. For those whose skin is out of whack due to increased sun exposure, nügg Beauty offers the perfect treatment to cure your skincare woes. Our products not only help your skin get back into shape, but their aloe juice base & gel texture will leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Lisa Linh, shared her top travel picks on Instagram and she loves how perfect nügg face masks are for traveling. After spending days in the sun, our Soothing face mask came in handy to help calm and nourish her skin. Lisa says: “From Multnomah Falls in Oregon to San Juan Island, I've been getting lots of sun and am in need of my @NuggBeauty soothing masks! It's the perfect post-sun essential to getting my skin back into shape.” The shea butter and chamomile extract in nügg Soothing face mask will calm, balance, and hydrate your sun-troubled skin and leave it looking and feeling back to normal in no time.

Wherever you may be off to, throw one of our single serve face mask pods into your carry-on luggage or your purse to use when the sun is causing your skin to have a little freak out moment.