Face Mask

Lactic Acid is probably one of the most popular Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs there is. The reason for its popularity is its useful skincare properties. Being skin friendly, Lactic Acid is used in numerous skincare products. Natural Lactic Acid is can be obtained from milk, fruits, vegetables and other plants.

Lactic Acid has been known to hydrate and nourish skin, prevent skin’s natural oils and water from escaping by encouraging production of natural barrier lipids on the outer layer of the skin, increase collagen production, encourage exfoliation, improve skin turnover and soften skin. In addition to all this, this acid also reduces fine lines, wrinkles and improves skin tone and texture. Lactic Acid is gentler than Glycolic Acid and hence treats skin without irritating it or drying it out. This acid works on the surface of your skin which is why it is so gentle. All this makes it ideal for treating dry skin, sensitive skin, acne prone skin and aging/mature skin.

Natural Lactic Acid is a crucial ingredient in nügg Exfoliating Face Mask. Lactic Acid exfoliates skin gently without using microbeads or harsh chemicals unlike most exfoliating agents. Lactic Acid works by encouraging your skin to slough off the dead and dry skin cells rather than tearing them off your face. This Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s gentle exfoliation properties, along with its anti-acne and anti-aging properties, make it a great skincare agent.

At nügg, we seek to treat skin gently and naturally. The nügg Exfoliating Face Mask uses 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients including a vegan form of Natural Lactic Acid, as well as Cranberry Seed Oil,, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Juice. Our facial mask exfoliates skin while keeping it hydrated and Lactic Acid plays an important role in ensuring that gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Lactic Acid is a miracle skin care ingredient. It manages to nurture and clean skin in one go, which is why we strongly recommend skincare products that use Natural Lactic Acid like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask.