Natural Face Mask

What do you know about the skin barrier? The skin barrier is the top most layer of skin that consists mainly of proteins and lipids or oils. This thin delicate layer has a very important role to play in your life – it is what keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.

Let us explain. The skin barrier keeps water and nutrients in and damaging agents and UV rays out. Here is what happens if your skin barrier is damaged – what should stay in, water and nutrients, go out and what should stay out, toxins, allergens and bacteria, enter in. The breakdown leads to wrinkles, fine lines and reduced protection from UV rays. Before you know it, your skin is dry, lifeless, irritated – just about everything you don’t want your skin to be.

The skin barrier is damaged by over-washing, exposure to free radicals, sunlight, pollution, abrasive, or harsh exfoliating agents and products with chemical emulsifiers. Age and genetic predisposition also play a big role. Most skincare products use chemical emulsifiers. This is because skincare products need a stable solution of oil and water, and since the two don’t naturally mix together, chemical emulsifiers are needed for the job. This solution is then heated, mixed and cooled down. The problem with this is that when left on the skin, chemical emulsifiers seep into the skin and damage the barrier. In addition to this, the processing that the solution undergoes can change the nature of the active ingredients, thereby reducing their effectiveness.

Face Masks

Unlike other skincare products, nügg Face Masks are developed using Natural Oil Dispersion Technology, which ensures our products work effectively on your skin while keeping the skin barrier intact and strong. This technology ensures that”

  • No chemical emulsifiers are used
  • Fine oil-in-water particles are produced that penetrate the skin more easily
  • Active ingredients stay unchanged and highly effective

nügg Face Masks are natural face masks. We use 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients; what we don’t use is mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances. All of our natural face masks come in single serve pods that ensure your product stays fresh and uncontaminated. This also makes nügg Face Masks perfect for use when traveling. No matter what your skin type or skin issue, we have something effective for you.

Your skin already has a lot to face, what with all the pollution, exposure to UV rays and free radicals. You can make things better for your skin by using products that are truly skin friendly, nourishing, and reparative in nature. At nügg Beauty, we care about your skin, which is why our products are made with the best interests of your skin in mind.