Face Mask

It’s finally here! nügg Beauty’s first ever marine ingredient based peel-off mask – Mermaid Marine Peel-Off Face Mask. The Mermaid Marine Peel-Off Face Mask is a unique formulation of 97% natural or naturally derived powerful marine ingredients, namely Alginate and Sea Silt, and the immensely effective Tea Tree Oil. Together these ingredients cleanse, tighten, tone, absorb shine, depuff and refresh skin, so that you have a smooth, fresh and clean look.

The mask, being of a thick rubber like consistency, will form a thick rubber layer on your skin when applied. The texture of the mask allows the key ingredients to reach deep into your skin and work from within. It also makes it easier to peel off the mask without any discomfort, skin irritation or damage; no tugging to pull the mask off your face.

Facial Masknügg Mermaid Marine Peel-Off Mask comes in a cute, ice- cream like container with a measuring cup and wooden spatula. The mask set has enough product for two applications and has to be prepared, hence the measuring cup and the spatula. To use, you need to take 2 tablespoons or 15g of powder and mix it with 45ml of room temperature water in the container. Stir till you get a thick even paste. Apply the mask evenly on your clean face. A thick and even layer will make it easier to peel off the mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes so that the ingredients can reach into your skin to deep cleanse, refresh and liven up your face. When the time is up, peel off the mask slowly starting at the edges.

nügg Mermaid Marine Peel-Off Facial Mask uses no alcohol, ensuring that the mask doesn’t dry out your skin. In true nügg Beauty tradition, this mask uses over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients with no parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances or colors. It is gentle yet effective and restores skin health naturally.

We promise you fresh, healthy and happy skin. Try nügg Mermaid Marine Peel-Off Facial Mask and find out for yourself what the mask can do for you. We love hearing from you so let us know what you think about our new launch.