Natural Face Mask

If you have a busy routine you may not find enough time to invest a lot of time into your skincare routine every day. However, by using a face mask overnight, you can improve on that and take care of your skin at while you are asleep.

Overnight face masks help to give an intense skin boost, and help you wake up in the morning with a soft, nourished complexion. We suggest our Hydrating and Soothing face masks for rejuvenating and nourishing your skin while you sleep.

nügg Overnight Masks

Facial MaskThe nügg Hydrating Face Mask is best suitable for people with normal or dry skin. This face mask gives your skin an intense boost of moisture while you sleep. The refreshing gel texture of our hydrating mask with aloe juice, spirulina extracts, and camellia seed oil will give you a soft, dewy complexion.

People who tend to have sensitive or troubled skin can use the nügg Soothing Face Mask. The Shea butter, chamomile extract, and bisabolol content of the face mask will intensely soothe & hydrate irritated skin. When left overnight, your skin will be calm and balanced.

How To Apply

Apply a thin layer of the face mask onto the skin, leaving out the eyes and lips. Leave the mask overnight and wipe off any excess product in the morning before cleansing. To keep the remaining product fresh, you can tape the capsule and store in a zip lock bag. Use the leftover product within the next few days.