Lip Moisturizer

One of the most irritating effects of cold weather on skin are dry and chapped lips. As the moisture and humidity in the air is quite low in the colder seasons, it drains out all the hydration from your body, making your skin look parched and dry.

Dry patches and chapped lips are common in the winter, and many of the lip moisturizers fail to provide the amount of relief we need. However, if you incorporate a healthy routine and take a note of what we suggest here at nügg Beauty, you can significantly reduce the irritation to a minimum. Here is what you need to consider.

Dont lick – Most people think that licking your dry lips gives some amount of moisture to it. Although you may get a quick sensation of hydration, licking chapped or dry lips makes things even worse. When the saliva evaporates, it takes the remaining moisture in the lips with it.

Don’t pick – It would be tempting to “exfoliate” the chapped lips with your fingers. But doing so can make them raw, not to forget painful. If you tend to pick chapped lips unknowingly, try to make a conscious effort to keep your hands away from your face.

Lip Mask

Use a lip mask – Using the nügg Lip Boosting Mask is a great way to ensure proper moisture in your lips. The lip mask from nügg not only keeps them nourished and smooth, it also protects them from being dried out when applying matte or liquid lipstick, which is a popular trend in the fall/winter time.

As our lips do not have oil-producing glands to keep them moisturized, you need to take even more care to keep them smooth and supple in cold climate. Use nügg Lip Boosting Mask to provide the right amount of moisture to your lips and prevent them from being irritated from the cold. You can also use a thick balm such as Aquaphor over the lips to seal moisture in after using the nügg lip mask.