Natural Face Mask

Face masks were once a luxury used only before major events or when at a spa. Today masking is an essential part of one’s regular skincare routine. In fact it is highly recommended that you mask at least twice a week for healthy and hydrated skin. Masking helps keep skin nourished, clean, soft and healthy at all times. The key ingredients in face masks reach deep into your skin and work from the inside-out making them quite effective skincare agents.

As great and effective as masking is, it is possible to increase its effectiveness. How you ask? Simple – steam your skin. Steam opens the pores on your face and allows key ingredients to sink into the skin with ease. Steaming your face isn’t all that difficult; all you have to do is take a hot, steaming shower or use hot water from the sink. A little steam to open your pores, a pod of your favorite face mask and hello gorgeous glowing skin!

Facial MaskHowever you need to be careful when selecting a face mask. Some face masks use a lot of harsh chemicals that can strip your skin off all its natural oils and dry it out. What you need is a natural face mask that is gentle yet effective, one that truly cares for your skin and works with it, rather than against it. nügg Face Masks use over 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients that are skin friendly and nourishing. Our masks are developed with care ensuring that the natural properties of our core ingredients are retained making the product effective in itself.

Everyone desires soft and glowing skin; while all of us may not be born with it, we can achieve it with a little care and effort. Steam your face, mask regularly, and you will wake up to a gorgeous, dewy complexion every morning.