Best Face Mask

Different people have different skin types, and the skincare issues that come along with those skin types can also differ drastically. We at nügg know this very well, and that is why, we offer a wide range of face masks to address varied skin problems.  

Regular masking is very important to maintain beautiful skin and to get rid of specific skin problems. nügg face masks are very effective, yet gentle on your skin, as we only use natural and naturally derived ingredients in our products. nügg offers a wide range of face masks to choose from that are individually designed to help you achieve your specific skincare objectives hassle-free.

Selecting the right face mask for you does not need to be a complicated task. That is the reason why we have created an easy to use tool for selecting the best fit for your skin. This is the easiest way to find the right face mask for you. You will find almost all the common skin concerns faced by people in the drop down bar of the selector tool, and from there, you will be able to choose the right face mask that you need.  

Also, the single serve pods from nügg allow you to easily adjust your mask based on the current needs of your skin. Go ahead and choose the best face mask for you from nügg Beauty now!