Natural Face Mask

If you are in your 30’s, then you might be facing many unanticipated changes to your skin. This is the time in which the essential hormones responsible for keeping your skin tight, firm and plump starts to dip. Soon, you will notice that your skin has started losing its natural glow, with slight wrinkles appearing around the eyes and along the forehead. Age spots may also begin to surface and the skin around your eyes may also look more tired and dry. But with the right treatment, you will be able to fight the signs of aging and maintain a youthful glow. 

What To Do

Lack of moisture is often the main cause for many skin problems, especially as our skin begins to age. Therefore, the best way to fight back is by hydrating your skin. The Hydrating Face Mask by nügg has a refreshing gel texture that brings relief to even the most dehydrated skin. Aloe juice, spirulina extract, and camellia seed oil present in the mask intensely hydrates the skin, giving it a soft, dewy look & feel. 


Whether your skin is more mature or is just starting to show signs of aging, the nügg Anti-Aging Face Mask is great for keeping the skin looking young and healthy. White tea extract and wheat germ oil present in the face mask can help to reduce the appearance fine lines, firms the skin, and gives you rejuvenated and youthful skin. 

You may also need to treat your tired eyes with the nügg Depuff Eye Mask. The caffeine and hesperidin in the mask will soothe and hydrate your eyes, giving you a refreshed look. 

The Result

While the nügg Hydrating Face Mask and Anti-Aging face mask nourish the skin, the Depuff Eye Mask will wake up tired under eyes. This trio will help you get your youthful glow back in no time. Use nügg face masks twice a week or more for best results.