Face Mask For Dry Skin

You have probably been told repeatedly that the cold is responsible for your skin being so dry in the winter. The cold dry air takes moisture from wherever it can find, and our skin is one of the most accessible sources of moisture. But did you know that the cold weather isn't the only culprit? Did you know that the indoor heaters that you love so much and crank up as soon as you are in your house are also as much to blame?

The logic is pretty much the same in both cases – dry air caused by low humidity levels leads to loss of moisture from the skin. The constant exposure to dry air causes skin to thicken with a layer of dead skin cells and your skin begins to flake and feel quite tight & uncomfortable. Now you obviously cannot do anything about the dry air and indoor heating, unless you decide to take a winter-long trip to the Caribbean, but there are a couple of things you can do to ease your skin’s suffering.

Since lack of moisture in the air is the root of the problem, introduce some moisture into the air with a humidifier! While you may not be able to use a humidifier everywhere you go, but you can keep one running in your bedroom as well as in other rooms you spend the most time in. The increased moisture levels will relieve some of the stress on your skin and improve the way it feels.

We also recommend including masking in your winter skincare routine. Masking with a highly moisturizing face mask like the nügg Hydrating Face Mask can do wonders for your skin. This is the perfect face mask for dry skin since it contains intense hydrating ingredients like Camellia Seed Oil, Spirulina Extract and Aloe Juice. These natural ingredients replenish the skin’s moisture levels and helps to eliminate dry spots. Our moisturizing face mask can also be used overnight as a sleep mask for an ultra hydrating treatment. The nügg Hydrating Face Mask promises you healthy, radiant and dewy skin no matter what the weather.

Winter can be hard on your skin, but with the right skincare practices, you can have beautiful glowing skin at all times.