Facial Mask

There is something quite satisfying in peeling a mask off your face. Maybe the tugging at your skin lets you believe that dirt and grime are actually being pulled out of your pores, or maybe you just love the act of peeling things. Peel off masks can do wonders for your skin; they remove dead skin cells, fine facial hair and dirt, nourish and hydrate skin, absorb excess oil, regulate shine and soothe skin.

While the benefits of using peel off masks are many, there is also a big issue with many that are on the market – peel off masks can seriously damage your skin. You see some peel off masks dry down so tight on your skin that gently tugging is not enough; you have to use sufficient force to get the mask off your face – painfully pulling at your skin. You don’t need us to tell you how painful that can be and how much damage it can cause to your skin.

What you need instead is a facial mask that is effective and easy to peel off, which is exactly what gg’s Mermaid Marine Peel Off Mask is. Our Mermaid Marine Peel Off Mask, when applied, forms a thick, rubber-like layer on the skin, which helps drive ingredients into the skin and allows it to be easily peeled off – no forceful tugging, skin damage or irritation.

Natural Face Mask

In addition to that, the nügg Mermaid Marine Peel Off Mask is a natural face mask with 97% natural or naturally derived ingredients. The facial mask is composed of effective and skin friendly marine ingredients Alginate and Sea Silt and the all-time favorite, Tea Tree Oil. Together these ingredients will deeply cleanse skin, absorb shine, soothe, tone and depuff skin, leaving you with an ultra clean, tight and fresh complexion.

Each mask set has enough product for 2 mask applications. Mix 3 tablespoons of the enclosed powder with 45ml water and stir till you get a thick, even paste. Apply in a thick, even layer and leave it on for 15 mins. Peel off slowly when done for glowing, clean and healthy skin. You will be amazed at how easily the mask peels off your skin – no uncomfortable pulling or tugging.

Peel off masks are fun and quite effective, however you must make the right choice and use a peel off mask that doesn’t harm your skin, like our new Mermaid Marine Peel Off Mask.

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