Lip Mask

Don’t you just hate the fact that your lips dry out so fast? It seriously doesn’t take much to develop dry, chapped lips. Interestingly enough, the reason for this is that there are no sweat glands around the lips. In case you didn’t know, your sweat glands are responsible for keeping your skin moisturized.

Trivia aside, how do you care for your lips? How can you make sure they have what they need to stay hydrated and healthy? That’s easy – use the nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask. As one of our customers Jose R. said, “Satisfaction guaranteed. Moisturizes your lips and leaves them feeling better than Chapstick or any other competitor.”

100% natural and vegan, our lip mask is guaranteed to provide intense hydration, giving you smooth and silky soft lips. The nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask’s key natural ingredients are great for nourishing lips – Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Irish Moss Extract hydrate and soften lips, while Liquorice Root Extract naturally enhances your pout.

Your lips deserve the best and safest care which is why our product is 100% natural and uses absolutely no mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or colors, parabens or sulfates. Our satisfied customers have a lot to say on how the lip mask softens, plumps and invigorates their lips. Is it any wonder then that the nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask is a proud winner of the Cosmopolitan Best of Beauty award?

Best Lip Moisturizer

Depending on the level of moisture required by your lips, you can treat them by leaving the lip mask on overnight, using it when needed during the day or in the morning to prep lips for lip color like a happy customer, Kayla Y., who says, “This lip mask is one of my most favorite beauty purchases I have made in a while. I use it in the morning while I am getting ready and it really preps my lips for the day! It keeps them really moisturized and healthy looking. I definitely recommend.”

Here is what Iqra Q. has to say, “I'd been looking for something that made my lips a little bigger and gave a more fuller look to them and this is perfect! I use it every day, in the morning and before I sleep! It works wonders.”

Melody M. loves our face and lip masks so much that she wants to try the entire range of nügg Beauty products. Jenn Rabanillo from Toronto calls nügglip mask LIFE CHANGING. Constant weather changes and central heating had left Jenn’s lips dry and rough. She had tried everything and was on the verge of giving up when her cousin in California gave her the lip mask to try and it worked! Bye- bye chapped lips!

Normal, chapped, dry or sensitive lips, the nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask can work wonders for you. It is quite possibly the best lip moisturizer, but then we are biased, so why don’t you try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


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    I absolutely LOVE the Nügg Beauty products!!!! I’m in love. My skin and lips thank you! Enough said. Muah ?

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