Lip Mask

Here is another great gift idea from nügg Beauty for the gifting season- our limited edition holiday Lip Mask and Cloth Set. This holiday season gift your loved ones our award winning Intense Lip Boosting Mask and a reusable Beauty Cloth to remove the lip mask or any face mask.

Now why would you want to gift someone a lip mask? Look around! Most people suffer from dry or chapped lips not just in the winter, but all year long and the nügg Lip Mask is a godsend for helping heal lackluster lips. 100% natural and vegan, this is the best lip moisturizer there is (sure, we are biased but we have seen the results). Luxuriously (for lack of a better word) hydrating, the Intense Lip Boosting Mask guarantees soft, healthy and smooth lips.

Best Lip MoisturizerThis lip mask is made with a 100% natural and vegan blend of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Irish Moss Extract and Liquorice Root Extract. Coconut Oil & Shea Butter hydrate and rejuvenate dry lips, while the Liquorice Root Extract naturally enhances your pout (yay for the pouty look). The nügg Lip Mask is highly effective, while being free of preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances and colours. The nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask is the winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award and a favoriteamongst many beauty bloggers and editors.

This limited edition holiday set contains a reusable, washable, good quality Beauty Cloth to remove the lip mask, or any mask for that matter.

People often have a hard time getting their lips in great condition this time of the year, simply because they dry out so fast in cold weather. Gift your loved ones soft kissable lips this holiday season with the nügg Lip Mask and Cloth Set, we know they will love it!