Lip Mask

Are chapped lips troubling you? Do you wish you could get rid of this annoying lip problem overnight? Would you like to have soft and smooth lips?

Well, you can – you can get beautiful, hydrated lips overnight with the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask. All you have to do is apply a thick layer of this lip treatment before you go to sleep and let the mask do it’s magic. A majority of the product will sink into your lips, but if there is any leftover when you wake up in the morning, simply wipe your lips with a tissue to remove.

This proud winner of the Cosmopolitan Best of Beauty award is 100% natural and vegan. The nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask uses powerful and effective natural ingredients that luxuriously hydrate and nourish chapped, dry lips. Our lip treatment is a gentle formulation of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Irish Moss Extract and Liquorice Root Extract. Shea Butter hydrates and softens, Coconut Oil and Irish Moss Extract nourish and condition, while Liquorice Root Extract enhances your lips.

Lip Moisturizer

The nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask is 100% preservative free and uses no mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances. All of this is why the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask is loved by beauty bloggers and editors across the globe. This lip moisturizer comes in a gorgeous gold sphere which will provide you with up to 30 applications. Besides being cute, the container is also perfect for use when on the go. It can also be used to prep lips in the morning before applying lipstick or to give your lips a boost during the day.

If dry chapped lips are making you miserable, all you need is a sphere of nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask. With 100% natural and vegan ingredients, this lip moisturizer is gentle on the lips, while being nourishing and hydrating. Our intensely moisturizing lip mask is all you need to attain the gorgeous soft lips of your dreams.