Face Mask

Having sensitive skin is tough; the smallest things can irritate your skin and cause it to become itchy or develop redness. Your skin is in constant need of soothing, plus you have to be very careful what you put on your skin; anything with harsh chemicals or unsuitable ingredients can irritate your skin.

Exfoliation can often be a problem for sensitive skin, thus those with the testy skin type often avoid this important skincare step altogether. Most exfoliating products use harsh chemicals and rough scrubby-bits that can strip the skin of its moisture, irritate and tear the skin, making them a danger zone for sensitive skin. So what do you do? Skip exfoliation? Not an option. Sensitive skin or not, your skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to get rid of those layers of dead and dry skin cells that accumulate over time. The key is to use a scrub that is gentle, yet effective, one that uses natural Jojoba Beads. Unlike microbeads, Jojoba Beads are a gentle physical exfoliating agent making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Facial Mask

The nügg Exfoliating Face Mask is a gentle formulation of 97% natural or naturally derived ingredients namely Natural L-Lactic Acid, Jojoba Beads, Cranberry Seed Oil and Aloe Juice. Natural L-Lactic Acid and Jojoba Beads, together work on your skin to slough off the dead and dry skin buildup, leaving you with soft and smooth skin. In addition to the exfoliating benefits, Aloe Juice hydrates and soothes sensitive skin, which means all the needs of your skin are met, leaving you with balanced and happy skin. All of this makes the nügg Exfoliating Facial Mask the perfect exfoliating product for sensitive skin; not only does it clear your skin, it does so gently and with lots of love.

At nügg Beauty, we value results but it is never at the cost of your skin’s health. No matter what your skin type, you too can have beautiful, healthy and glowing skin; all you need is the right skincare products – ones that truly love and look after your skin.