Eye Mask

It’s Monday morning. You wake up early in anticipation for a big presentation later in the day, one that you have been preparing for weeks. You get out of bed, ready to get going and give the day your best shot. You look in the mirror and that’s when you see them – awful puffy eyes! Although you’re fully prepped for the day, you look tired and drained – definitely not the look you had in mind for the presentation. What do you do?

Just pull out a pack of nügg Depuff and Hydrating Eye Mask. The nügg eye mask helps depuff, hydrate, nourish, soothe and refresh tired puffy eyes. Puffy eyes occur for various reasons – bouts of tears, excessive stress, lack of sleep, genetics, bad diets, hangovers, changing weather conditions being the common ones.

Our eye mask uses 93% natural or naturally- derived ingredients including Caffeine, Hesperidin, Bisabolol and Vitamin B5. Together these ingredients work to give your eyes the soothing it requires to attain equilibrium no matter what the reason for the occurrence.

How To Depuff Eyesnügg Depuff and Hydrating Eye Mask comes in a pack of 6 single dose eye masks. The eye mask comes packaged in clever (if we may say so ourselves) little single use sticks that ensures the product stays fresh and free of contaminants. This also makes them perfect for use when on the go. The nügg Eye Mask uses absolutely no mineral oil, parabens, chemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors or fragrances. Our eye mask is gentle and non- drying, making it great for all skin types and under all weather conditions.

When needed, just pull out one stick and two eye pads from the kit. Apply the content of the stick under both eyes, moisten the eye pads with a little water and place them under each eye over the mask. Leave them on for 20 minutes or more. Once you take the eye pads off, you can either massage anything that remains into your skin or wipe it off with a wash cloth. If you would like to increase the cooling sensation, just place the stick and eye pads in the fridge before application.

Thanks to the nügg Depuff and Hydrating Eye Mask, you can kiss your puffy eyed morning goodbye.