Best Face Mask

Having one of those “bad skin days”? Your skin may look or feel dull & dry or maybe you have a few painful blemishes along your chin. When you’re in your 20’s most of your "bad skin days" are a result of the hormonal changes your body is going through. These changes can have a dramatic effect not only on your mood and stress levels, but also on your skin, hair, and nails.

With the bad, comes the good! Your skin glows most when estrogen is dominant and in your 20’s, you have plenty of it to go around. This hormone helps to keep your skin plump, firm, and smooth, by increasing the production of collagen, which is the building block of beautiful skin. Estrogen also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, which attracts water molecules and helps to keep your skin hydrated for longer.

However, the levels of estrogen can go down when you are on your period, and this can result in common skin problems like acne, greasy skin, blemishes, and breakouts. This is why, many girls experience increased oil production, breakouts along jaw, and large pores on their face. To counter these skin problems, nügg recommends you to follow a cleansing regimen that is gentle on the skin.

For many women in their 20’s, your skin may look amazing one day, but the next day you could wake up with blemishes that need to be dealt with. While your skin is in it's prime, it's important to properly care for blemishes. You may quickly opt for the medicated spot treatments that dry out the skin, but these types of products are doing your skin more harm than good. To maintain a healthy & clear complexion, we recommend the nügg Deep Cleansing face mask and the nügg Soothing face mask.

Use the Deep Cleansing mask twice a week or incorporate it into your daily routine when your skin is experiencing increased oil production. The Cucumber Extract & Jojoba Lite Oil in the mask provide a deep cleanse and help absorb shine while Aloe Juice hydrates your skin so that it never feels stripped or dry. At least twice a week, apply the Soothing mask to give your skin a dose of nourishment with Chamomile and Shea Butter to help keep your skin balanced and happy. 

Of course there are many things that factor into keeping a beautiful complexion as you age, but taking little steps early on in your 20’s can make a big difference in your skin’s overall look and feel. Working nügg masks into your weekly routine is a great way to quickly target your skin's needs without breaking the bank. It goes without saying these days that wearing a good sunscreen whenever you are out and about is key. This will further help you prevent skin damage such as sun spots and fine lines that are caused by sun exposure.