Controlling Oil & Breakouts in the Summer

                           Summertime and the livin' is....greasy?!

Summer is the season of sun screen, s'mores, and endless sunny days. Summer  also happens to be the season of excess oil production resulting in unwanted shine and breakouts, that just don't seem to quit! Let's face it, controlling oil and breakouts in the summer months should totally be considered a summer job, a tough one at that. Here at nugg Beauty we totally understand the #summerskinstruggle that is controlling oil and breakouts. Our Facemasks for combination skin, acne prone skin, and oily skin are going to be your secret weapons to controlling oil and breakouts during the summer! 

Some key factors that play into excess oil and breakouts in the summer are: hotter temperatures that result in more sweat production and excess sebum, excessive use of sun screen and makeup that clog pores, and of course, not cleansing our skin thoroughly enough. Luckily, our natural and cruelty-free face masks help to target and combat these issues leaving your skin feeling clean, clear and more mattified. 

                               Perfect Pores Variety Set: $14.99 


Removing excess oil, properly cleansing, unclogging pores & removing dead skin cells are essential in controlling oil and breakouts in the summer. Our Perfect Pores variety set was created to do just that. This set is equipped with one Deep Clean Face Mask to gently mattify the skin while gently soothing it with Aloe, one Super Bright Exfoliating Face Mask to unclog pores, and two Double Detox Charcoal Face Masks to detoxify the skin without leaving it dry and tight, aka the best gel face masks for oily, combination and acne prone skin. This set will cleanse and purify your skin while soothing and replenishing it, leaving you with gorgeous matte skin. Our award winning gel face masks are gentle yet effective enough to be used daily, or even twice a day if needed. 


                                       Miracle Mud Mask: $3.99 


It's not every day that a miracle worker walks into your life, so when it does.. it is a major deal, and this miracle worker is no different. Our vegan Miracle Mud mask purifies, detoxifies and refines your skin in an all-in-one detox facial treatment. The rich mud formula contains skin-loving Kaolin Clay, Charcoal, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Lactic Acid that help draw out dirt, oil and impurities, leaving our pores looking more refined and your skin looking instantly brighter and mattified. The best part about this mask as it can be used all over for full facial results, a t-zone treatment, or a spot treatment on areas of the skin that need a little extra TLC. 




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