Hydrating Face Mask

Finally, spring is here! Time to embrace the outdoors, the sun, fresh flowers and gentle breeze. Spring brings with it new life, rejuvenation and hope; oh, how we love the spring! Another reason to love spring is because it signals the official end of the cold and harsh winter. No more dry, moisture sucking cold winter air; your skin can finally breathe and relax.

Winter or spring, if you have dry skin, well, it is quite irritating. If you have naturally dry skin, while springs are a lot better for your skin than winters, you still have to keep your skin sufficiently hydrated in the spring to ensure it stays in good health. Here is what you can do to care for dry skin in spring.

  • Hydrate with nügg Hydrating Face Mask nügg Hydrating Face Mask is the perfect face mask for dry skin. Its unique formulation allows it to intensely hydrate and replenish dry, dehydrated skin. Our Hydrating Face Mask will restore skin moisture, erase dry spots and soothe your skin, giving you nourished and radiant skin. Made with 94% natural or naturally derived ingredients including Camellia Seed Oil, Spirulina Extract and Aloe Juice, this face mask is luxuriously hydrating and just what dry skin needs. We highly recommend using nügg Hydrating Face Mask at least twice a week to maintain adequate skin moisture levels.

    • Face Mask For Dry SkinExfoliate with nügg Exfoliating Face Mask – Dry skin has to be exfoliated regularly. Exfoliation eradicates all the dry and dead skin cells and brings fresh new cells to the surface. This is especially important at the end of winter as it allows you to get rid of all the debris that accumulated during the winter and give your skin a fresh start. Made with 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients including Cranberry Seed Oil, Natural L-Lactic Acid, Jojoba and Aloe Juice, this is the perfect Exfoliating Face Mask for dry skin as it exfoliates without using microbeads and without drying out your skin. In fact it is gentle and replenishes skin moisture, leaving you with smooth, clear and dewy skin; what more could you ask for. We strongly recommend using this mask at least twice a week, alternating its use with the hydrating mask.


    After a rough couple of months, we are sure your skin could do with some TLC this spring. Give your skin the care it deserves and desires with nügg Hydrating and Exfoliating Face Masks.