Lip Moisturizer

The vegan and natural lip mask from nügg is an exceptional choice for rough, chapped, and dry lips. This incredible product eliminates all your lip problems and makes them smooth and hydrated.

Many beauty bloggers highly recommend the nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask, as it provides beautiful results and cures all sorts of lip problems. Beauty Blogger, Nicol Concilio recently posted this on her Instagram page: “Using my @nuggbeauty lip mask before applying matte lipstick! Love how it hydrates my lips and give them a nice plumpy plump!”

Like Nicol, Beauty blogger Laura Lee also loves how the nügg Lip Mask helps to prepare the lips for applying liquid lipstick. She wrote, “Loving the @NuggBeauty Lip Mask! It softens and helps prep the lips for liquid lipstick application… and soothes and re-hydrates them after you take it off.”

What Makes the nügg Lip Boosting Mask So Amazing

The ingredients used in the nügg Lip Mask are 100% natural and vegan. There are no mineral oils, synthetic fragrances& colors, sulfates, or parabens in the formula. The amazing combination of its ingredients, which includes Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Irish Moss Extract, makes it an excellent moisturizing treatment for the lips. The presence of Liquorice Root Complex in the nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask helps to naturally enhance the lips, improving the overall look & feel.

How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

In words of beauty blogger Maria, “@nuggbeauty Lip Mask hydrates, softens & helps plump lips. It contains Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Liquorice Root Complex. You can apply it anytime day/night, leave it on for 20 mins. I remove it with a damp cotton ball. I love this mask and enjoy it on days I really want to pamper my lips. I created a pictorial to share with you beauties and show you how it works I hope this helps and you enjoy it!”

Beauty blogger, Aubrey says, “POUT NO MORE BEAUTS (see what I did there?) Absolutely IN LOVE with @nuggbeauty!! This lip mask is next level -- Super easy to use, smells fabulous, and your lippies will thank you!! Apply it (I used my@royallangnickel lip brush, but you can you your finger if you wish). Let it sit for 20 minutes (my 3 year old thought I looked like a clown). Then with a tissue, just wipe it right off... And literally, that's it!! No scrubbing, no burning. It's not greasy or thin, it's thick like a heavy cream, kinda like buttercream frosting (don't eat it, just wear it) You can use it as often as you want... and the best yet, it's 100% natural and vegan!! You can also use this as an overnight treatment (I haven't done that yet, but you can) And when you've used up all your product, you can actually reuse the cute little case for a moisturizer or lip balm. Man that was alot, my fingers hurt... All in all, thank you @nuggbeauty for such an amazing product! #getthelip”

We are beyond thrilled to have received such great feedback on the nügg Lip Mask from beauty bloggers and customer’s alike!