Best Face Mask

Popular beauty and lifestyle blogger Karen of For All Things Pretty loves masks and nügg Face Masks are at the top of her list. She had a lot to say about why she masks and why she thinks everyone should incorporate masking into their beauty regime in her recent post titled “4 Reasons Why I Mask (And You Should Too)”.

Karen developed a horrible reaction after trying a popular foundation, and so she decided to start on a strong skincare regime to heal and restore her skin. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing – she did it all and that’s when she discovered face masks. In Karen’s words, “Every few days, I would (and still do) use a facial mask which has helped my skin tremendously!”

Here is what Karen recommends:

Facial Mask

Need we say more! Karen also loves the fact that nügg Face Masks come in single serve pods that make them extremely easy to use and adjust to your needs. You can read all about it at

If you want to improve the health of your skin, improve skin tone and give your skin that extra something that it cannot get from your regular skin care products, face masks are the way to go. Each nügg Face Mask serves a different purpose such as hydrating the skin, removing excess oil, improving the appearance of pores and overall giving the skin much needed TLC. So have you started masking yet?