Natural Face Masks

Jessica Braun, a popular fashion & beauty blogger, recently reviewed our face masks on her YouTube channel, JAMbeauty89. Titled “Best & Worst in Beauty,” Jessica places nügg in the “Best” category and shares her rave review of our Face Masks as well as our Lip Mask.

For Jessica, our Hydrating Face Mask has been a life saver after her recent travels. Jessica has just returned from a cruise where she spent days basking in the sun and although she was religiously applying SPF, her skin was without a doubt irritated. The skin on her nose and cheeks was dry, inflamed and peeling. She turned to the nügg Hydrating Face Mask to help nourish her damaged skin. Not only did she enjoy the refreshing gel texture of the mask, but the natural oils and extracts gave her skin just what it needed to be brought back to life. She also mentions that the tiny pods are so easy to carry with you on the go and recommends them to anyone who may be traveling this season.

To hear more about what Jessica thought of our products, check out her review: