All About Aloe

By Patrice Grell Yursik

There’s a special succulent that is beloved by cultures around the world. It’s used for medicine, agriculture, and even decoration! It grows wild in deserts or tropical climates, but it also thrives indoors as a potted plant. It originates from the Arabian Peninsula, and now grows wild all around the world, where it is especially popular in Africa, Asian countries and throughout South America and the Caribbean. Allow us to tell you all about aloe, so you’ll know all the great benefits we’re giving your skin with our bestselling face masks!

Aloe vera (aloe barbadensis miller), is known for its soothing properties. In sizzling hot climates worldwide, aloe is cultivated to repair burns and scars, for internal cleansing and cooling, and for calming skin inflammation. Aloe can be used inside and out in so many ways! Some people apply aloe gel to their burns or scars because this evergreen perennial succulent can soothe burns and help prevent post-sunburn redness and peeling.  Others cut the leaf and eat the pith, intending to relieve everything from heartburn to halitosis or high blood sugar. Others just enjoy yummy, refreshing aloe drinks that soothe their parched throats while benefiting their digestive systems. No matter how you choose to use it, aloe is all good!  

Here at nugg beauty, we’re known for our cute & clean superfood powered skincare, and aloe is the essence of so many of our bestselling products! We use aloe in our bestselling gel face masks, giving you a refreshing dose of natural, cruelty-free, clean beauty goodness that will provide your skin with healthy hydration. Our aloe juice is infused with glacial water, so it is refreshing to those with sensitive skin. We use aloe vera juice as the main base in all our natural face masks, so at the base level, our masks help to hydrate and replenish all skin types. After you use our masks, your skin will feel clean, fresh, hydrated, and happy!

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate aloe into your beauty and skincare regimen, using our aloe-powered products for your specific needs.


Aqua Boost Moisturizing Face Mask

  • Soothe Your Sunburn – Suffering the effects of too much sun? Try our Aqua Boost Hydrating Gel Face and Sleep Mask. Aloe vera is the main ingredient to relieve and rejuvenate the burn. The nourishing vitamins and fatty acids of rosehip oil will give crispy sun-exposed skin necessary replenishment, and camellia seed oil will give your skin a necessary replenishing dose of moisture, locking in everything your depleted skin needs.

  • Fight That Breakout – There is never a good time for a breakout! Untimely acne can happen to the best of us. Our Double Detox Charcoal Face Mask can be used as a face mask or for a special spot treatment for problem areas. Charcoal and kaolin clay unite to draw out skin’s impurities, and aloe leaf juice offers hydration and antibacterial inflammation alleviation. Say goodbye to that zit!

Morning Glow Watermelon Sleeping Mask


  • Nourish Your Thirsty Skin -- Hydration and moisture are the key to beautiful, radiant skin, but we tailor our masks for a variety of needs. Our aloe juice powered masks are best sellers for dry sensitive skin AND oily sensitive skin! As part of a healthy skincare routine, consider our Morning Glow Watermelon Sleeping MaskIt can help to regenerate dead cells with nourishing, moisturizing watermelon extract and hydrating hyaluronic acid in an aloe-based gel to help stave off moisture loss. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling and looking so fresh!

Aloe vera helps to make our products a lightweight formulation, so you can apply our best sellers as masks, sleep masks, spot treatments, or even as a light, moisturizing primer layer before makeup. Learn more and find the right aloe product for you on


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Patrice Grell Yursik is a professional beauty and lifestyle copywriter and the creator of, one of the first and most respected beauty sites for Black women. She has been named one of WWD's 50 Most Influential People in the Multicultural Market and is often called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging.  

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