All About After-Sun Skin Care

There’s not much that can beat a beautiful day outside in the summer, it’s the stuff dreams are made of. It’s what we wait for all year! We know now what so many of our parents and grandparents didn’t get back in the day – the sun isn’t to be played with, so slathering yourself with tanning oil and using a reflector to maximize the rays is not the move if you want to protect your skin!


It feels divine but prolonged exposure to the summer sun can take a toll on your energy, your internal hydration and yes -- your skin. It’s so important to protect yourself before, during and after spending time sunbathing. Prolonged sun exposure without proper SPF sunscreen protection can result in sunburnt skin, dry sensitive skin, and clogged pores. Oh no! We’re going to help you avoid all of that and still enjoy these long, hot days of summer. To keep yourself safe on upcoming sunny days, check out our useful tips and product prescriptions to help you fight the negative effects that can come from too much fun in the sun!


Tip -- Apply and Reapply Your SPF. Sunny days mean heat, and heat means sweat. If you’re out there soaking up the rays, then please do apply and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day to ensure constant sun protection from the elements. If you notice yourself feeling dehydrated, or with red skin, please seek immediate shade and drink cool water. Please consult your physician if you are experiencing excessive sunburn.


Nugg Aqua Boost Mask


Product Prescription – Our Aqua Boost Spout Pouch can help to hydrate parched or sunburnt skin. The aloe vera in our Aqua Boost formulation really helps to calm and soothe sun-parched skin. The larger spout pouch means you can use it quickly and easily as needed on face, neck, shoulders, back, hands, feet – wherever you have red, inflamed, sunburned skin. You can put in your fridge for at least 30 minutes prior to applying for additional cooling, anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. Apply wherever needed to calm your skin down!


Tip - Stay Hydrated – During summer’s hottest months, it’s so important to stay hydrated in general. The best way to do that? Drink plenty of pure, fresh water. If you don’t like the flavor of plain water, you can make your own “spa water” by infusing it with fruit or herbs like mint or basil. That gives your plain ol’ H2O a little extra flavor and the benefit of glowing skin and healthy organs. Plus it tastes delicious! Try mint, strawberry, and pineapple for a yummy blend.


Product Prescription – A full day outdoors in the sun can affect your skin differently based on climate. Time outdoors means a face covered in sunscreen, and after a fun day outdoors your skin needs thorough cleansing. If you’re out enjoying a hot, humid environment, you can wind up with oily skin that feels sensitive to the touch. If you’ve been out in desert heat, it can leave you with dry, sensitive skin. After a hot day outdoors, you need gentle facial cleansers and skin care products intended to replenish your depleted moisture.


Nugg Miracle Mud

Our Miracle Mud mask will remove excessive oiliness, grime, sweat; cleanses & purifies clogged pores. Use it to detoxify after cleansing, to help remove excess dirt and grime left by sunscreen, sweat and makeup.  


Tip -- Get a good night’s rest! – After a day of fun in the sun, your skin is depleted, and your body is tired and thirsty. Replenish yourself from the inside out. Our skin repairs itself while we sleep, it’s the time of highest cellular turnover. Before you get the slumber your body needs, cleanse your face and replace the moisture you lost throughout the day.


Nugg Morning Glow


Product Prescription – Before you go to sleep, don’t forget to wash your face and apply your usual night cream. And here’s a special trick that works for us -- try applying our Morning Glow as the last step of your nighttime routine! Sounds unusual, but this mask will help to lock in your skincare overnight. You’ll see the extra soothing, hydrating and glowing benefits when you wake up in the morning! Key ingredients include watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, and glacial water infused aloe juice, all intended to soothe and calm thirsty, sun-depleted skin.


When you’re done moisturizing your face, don’t forget to treat your lips! Happy Lips will nourish chapped or dry lips exposed to sun. Open our adorable orb to use alone as a clear gloss or on top of any lip product to lock in moisture.

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