We are excited to announce that we have been nominated for the #beauty20 Awards under the “Best Technology” category - brands with the most innovative technology based on research in the biological and chemical sciences to create more sophisticated products. 

Technology and innovation are at the heart of nügg Beauty. When it comes to the formulation of our products, we work incredibly hard to ensure that they are free of what we call “nasties”. One of those “nasties” being chemical emulsifiers. 

Chemical emulsifiers are often used in skincare formulations to combine oil and water. These ingredients weaken the skin barrier function and remove important, necessary oils from the skin; often causing damage such as skin irritation, loss of water, dryness, redness and premature aging. Damage to the skin's barrier also lowers protection from external factors such as allergens, irritants and UV light.

To avoid the use of chemical emulsifiers, we formulate our face masks such as anti aging mask, hydrating face mask, lip mask,eye mask,exfoliating face mask etc. using innovative Natural Oil Dispersion Technology which uses physical properties, not chemicals to create skincare. The process involves combining oil and water at a high pressure and speed, resulting in small enough particles that can deliver powerful tailored actives into the skin without the use of damaging chemical emulsifiers. This allows us to provide you with natural, gentle skincare that is still highly effective and filled with powerful natural oils and ingredients.

In addition to chemical emulsifiers, nügg also contains NO fragrances, synthetic colors, petrochemicals, or parabens. 

Over 300 brands entered and judges have now selected the top five brands in which they believe best fit the 10 award categories. What is great about these awards is that you, the consumer, have the power to pick the ultimate winners!

It would mean the world to us if you could take a moment to vote for us online at www.beauty20awards.com. The deadline to vote is September 30, 2015. Thank you so much for all of your support!

nüggs & huggs,

nügg Beauty