I have had the pleasure to travel very extensively for many years, both within the US and internationally. While it is exciting to get on a plane and experience different cultures and countries, traveling can mean big challenges for your beauty regime and can often throw your skin out of whack. Factors such as flying, jet lag and change in climate can significantly affect your skin. I conceived nugg during a time of very extensive travel as my skin suffered and I could not find a product that made enough of a difference to my skin and that was a true, TSA friendly “skin savior on-the-go”.

Here are my top beauty travel tips to keep in mind before taking a trip.

1 Prepare your skin for traveling, especially if you are flying. Apply our Hydrating face mask or Soothing mask as a sleep mask the night before you leave to help keep your skin hydrated during the flight. Hydrating face mask will act as a moisturizing face mask and will be useful to those having dry skin. After cleaning your skin, apply a thin layer or the mask as you would your moisturizer and leave on the skin over night before washing it off in the morning. This will give your skin a “head-start” to stay resilient despite the stress factors it will be exposed to while traveling. 

2 Your first night after arrival, apply either our Deep Cleansing or Exfoliating face mask to help clean out your pores. This is especially important after a long trip where you don’t have the chance to properly clean your skin. Next, make sure to apply a Revitalizing mask or the Soothing mask to replenish your skin and give it the moisture that it will crave after the moisture loss it experienced on the plane.

3 The dry air on planes can easily result in dry, itchy, red eyes. Make sure to bring eye drops for long-haul trips to provide some hydration and relief. Our depuff eye mask will be useful to get rid of puffy eyes.

4 If possible, avoid wearing makeup on the plane and do NOT wear mascara. When you doze off, your mascara will smear and you won’t want to deal with cleaning up raccoon eyes when you land.

5 You never know what types of germs you’re coming in contact with at the airport or on the plane. Keep your hands off your face to avoid irritation and break-outs from bacteria.

6 Pack a travel-sized hand cream. Apply often throughout the trip to avoid dry hands and split, cracked cuticles. This will also help offset the effect of the harsh soaps and hand sanitizers you will likely find in public restrooms and is an essential in the dry air you will experience on planes. Also, make sure to protect your lips from becoming dry by taking and applying your lip balm. For moisturizing lips, you can use lip mask.

7 Fill travel sized bottles of your favorite cleanser, moisturizer (with SPF), shampoo, etc. to avoid the extra weight of jars and tubes and to save the money for checking your bag. 

8 Take a dose of vitamins before the trip and on the plane. This will help to decrease the effects of what you will be exposed to in the circulated air on planes and help boost your immune system. 

9 My skin tends to get oily in some areas no matter how dry the air around me is. If you have the same problem, make sure to bring good blotting paper to eliminate any oily patches.

10 If you are lucky enough to go somewhere sunny, make sure to always keep our Soothing mask handy. It is the perfect post-sunburn treatment for not only your face, but also any other parts of the body that have succumbed to the sun’s harsh rays. Throw them in your mini-fridge at the hotel for an extra cooling sensation. Your skin will be feeling calm and nourished after use. And of course, always make sure to apply your SPF.

I hope these tips will be as helpful for you as they have been for me and that you find nügg as the ideal travel companion to help keep your skin beautiful.

nüggs and hugs,

Founder & CEO