Summer is here and after a long grueling winter, nothing feels quite as wonderful as a beautiful summer’s day. Everything from trips to the beach to poolside barbecues, we are ready for anything that involves spending time outdoors. Although they say “the living is easy” in the summer, there are quite a few things you need to be aware of in order to stay healthy. If there is one thing that the elements of summer love to target, it is your skin. Sun exposure, heat, humidity, chlorine…here are some of our skin tips for keeping your skin beautiful, even toned, and smooth all summer long.

Always apply sunscreen

It goes without saying these days that SPF is a summer essential. Not only is it important to help prevent skin cancer, but 10-15 years down the line you will be wishing those lines and dark spots away. Even if you aren't at the beach or spending the day in direct sunlight, the sun is strong and powerful and ready to do some skin damage. Always apply before leaving the house in the morning, no matter if you plan to be outdoors or not, and keep a small bottle in your purse at all times. 

Post-sun nourishment 

After a long day in the sun, give your skin what it needs to recover. With increased sun and heat exposure, the skin can become irritated, sensitive and unbalanced, not to mention sunburns and their very negative short and long-term effects on the skin. After a day in the sun, make sure to treat your skin with our Soothing face mask to help restore and nourish the skin while reducing the appearance of redness and providing a boost of hydration. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed, soothed and silky. Keep our Summer Soothing Skin Saver on hand this summer to keep your skin calm and balanced. If you experience any after-sun irritation or a sunburn, make sure to drink lots of water and apply our Soothing mask as a sleep mask by applying it on all affected areas (no matter where they are) at night and leaving on the skin overnight before rinsing in the morning. To use remnants in the pot, simply tape the lid shut after using to keep the mask fresh. Keeping it in the refrigerator will give an extra cooling sensation which feels great.

Nowadays, various types of natural face masks such as hydrating or moisturizing face mask, anti aging mask, eye mask, exfoliating face mask, lip mask are available. So there is no need to worry about how to protect your skin in various climates. Nugg, the face mask authority is offering these masks for affordable price. Now let's see how these nugg facial masks help us to protect our skin.

Exfoliate Face & Skin

Many people think that exfoliating is only necessary in the winter to get rid of dry skin, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You know those days when the air is so dense and the humidity is making you feel like a melting popsicle? Well those days are especially good for a little gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating in the summer is key to remove oil and bacteria that can become clogged in your pores. Where many physical scrubs can be harsh and feel as though they are stripping the skin, our Exfoliating mask contains natural L-Lactic Acid and Jojoba Beads to gently exfoliate without leaving your skin raw. This mask will be the best exfoliator you have ever used. It’s important to remember that if your skin is sunburned or experiencing irritation, it’s best to hold off on exfoliating.

Dealing with breakouts

Extreme heat can cause your skin to become quite sensitive. If you're experiencing a breakout, stray away from products with salicylic acid that can really dry out the skin. Our Deep Cleansing mask gently cleanses the skin while keeping moisture locked in.

Pack on the antioxidants 

With the summer comes increased exposure to environmental factors and you need to make sure to protect your skins from free radicals. All of our face masks are packed with a combination of Olive, Cranberry, Grape and Flaxseed Oil that help strengthen the skin and act as antioxidants to protect the skin against free radicals. We suggest applying one of our masks in the morning after cleansing to give your skin the extra dose of the antioxidants it needs. Keeping fresh fruits that are high in antioxidants  such as cranberries and blackberries in your kitchen will also help your body neutralize free radicals.


Stay hydrated! Although hydration is key any time of the year, when it comes to extreme heat you really have to be careful. Not only will a lack of hydration make you feel tired and sluggish, but it can cause your skin to become dull and tight. Keep a water bottle with you at all times (we suggest purchasing one that makes for a cute accessory, that way you are more inclined to carry it) and make sure to provide your skin with plenty of moisture with our hydrating face mask or revitalizing face mask.

How To Get Rid of Chapped Lips & Puffy Eyes

In winter as well as summer, our lips may get chapped. This is very irritating and we may try different lip balms. Even though we are using different lip moisturizers, it won’t be not at all effective. If you are facing the same situation, you can use our lip mask, which is now available for affordable rate. This would be the best lip moisturizer for chapped lips.

Most of us are victim of puffy eyes during the hot summer. For depuff eyes, you can use our eye mask which is very effective.

We hope that these tips are helpful to help keeping that perfect glow all summer long. Most importantly, enjoy summer! Don’t rush through it because the winter will be back before you know it!

nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team