Even though we are still a young brand, it is very important to us to give back to those in need. Our mission is to help spread kindness to the world through skincare that is kind to your skin and is offered at “kind” price points, through the way we do business, and through supporting organizations that help women and their families to build better lives for themselves and for those around them. 

Today, we are proud to introduce to you our headbands for a cause initiative. During the month of June, we are offering beautiful handmade, Fair Trade headbands as a free gift with all orders over $20 (as long as supply lasts). These headbands are a wonderful way to push your hair out of your face when using nügg face masks for a mess-free experience. We have purchased the headbands through a partnership with UPAVIM, a cooperative of approximately 80 women who live in a marginalized community on the outskirts of Guatemala City. 

UPAVIM’s mission is to empower all women within the community. The women involved with the organization are all mothers and homemakers, some widows, and some abandoned. Many are the sole providers of economic support for their families. They strive to do so by improving the quality of life for themselves, their families and the community as a whole through access to UPAVIM's many programs.

UPAVIM exports beautiful Fair Trade handmade gifts & crafts all around the world. All Fair Trade gift & crafts' purchases directly support community educational and medical programs.  We have purchased these headbands to support their efforts and spread their organization’s story.

The headbands that we have purchased have been handmade by a woman named Francis Boche. Francis has been a sewer at UPAVIM for the last 10 years. She first became involved in UPAVIM while her daughter was a student in the school. She previously learned to sew while working at a manufacturing factory in Guatemala.  After completing her volunteer hours to become a member of the women's cooperative, she was assigned to the sewing area. Her work has allowed her to provide for her 4 children.

Francis no longer has to borrow money to cover school expenses and is always able to put food on the table for her family. She enjoys the independence, security, and self-reliance she has gained through her work with UPAVIM. In her words, “no other places around here provided that, particularly for women”. Francis is also the coordinator (chairperson) of the craft project at UPAVIM.

In addition to this, we have already introduced various natural face masks like anti aging mask, exfoliating face mask, hydrating or moisturizing face mask, lip mask, eye mask etc.

All these facial masks are useful to women as well as men. You can easily buy nugg products online for a reasonable price

Help us support UPAVIM and women like Francis and shop now

nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team