Do you wish to give presentations to your dear ones on this Christmas morning? Looking for one which will be a surprising gift? Then Nugg Facial Masks will be the apt one. Since this face mask is the best facial mask which offers good result within 10 minutes, you can give it to your dear ones as a surprising gift. One of our favorite ways to package our nügg Facial Masks is by getting crafting and making our own Christmas crackers!  This is a fun, easy way to add a little flare to your gift-wrapping. Follow these easy steps for a beautiful presentation on Christmas morning. Don’t worry…no gun powder required!

What You Will Need:

  • Wrapping paper (try to use something that isn’t too thin, as you want to avoid tears)
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon 
  • A ruler
  • Pair of scissors 
  • Cardboard tube with a 2inch opening (wrapping paper roll or toilet tissue roll works well)
  • 4 nügg Face Masks (There are various face masks such as hydrating face mask, exfoliating face mask, lip mask, eye mask, anti aging mask, deep cleansing mask and so on. You can choose the desired one.)


  1. Using a ruler, measure and cut a 5inch piece of cardboard tubing and an 8 x 12 piece of wrapping paper
  2. Place four nüggs inside of the tube
  3. Along one of the long edges of the paper, place the tube directly in the middle and mark on each side for reference when taping
  4. Along the same edge, place three pieces of tape evenly across
  5. Now on the other edge place the tube and roll with the wrapping towards the taped edge
  6. Press the taped edge firmly to ensure it sticks
  7. Cut as many pieces of ribbon as you’d like to tie the ends (we kept ours pretty short but you can have any length you’d prefer)
  8. Using your thumb and pointer finger, gently press the sides in to create creasing where the tube ends
  9. Tie the ends up with ribbon (to prevent ripping, don’t tie them too tight)

And voila! You now have a pretty Christmas cracker filled with nüggs!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,

nügg Beauty Team