The holiday season is in full swing and we know you are starting to crack down on your shopping lists...well trying to at least. To make things easier for you, we pulled together a gift guide on how you can give the gift of beautiful skin this year with nügg Face Masks! And our masks like depuff eye mask, lip mask, exfoliating face mask, hydrating face mask, anti aging mask, deep cleansing mask etc. aren't just for the beauty junkies in your life. These 5-minute facials are perfect for any of your loved ones to work into their skincare routine.

Here are some ways to spice up your gift giving with our nuggets of skincare goodness:

  • Give the gift of beauty this season with our NEW nügg Winter Skin Saver pack. This 4-pack contains our Revitalizing and Hydrating face masks, both of which are Allure “Best of Beauty” award winners, as well as our Exfoliating and Soothing masks. This will be really a surprising as well as useful gift.
  • Fill up the stockings of your loved ones with our individual skin saving treats! Our face masks come in single-serve pods for only $2.99 each which makes them perfect for stuffing stockings. Whether it’s one, two, or all of the six, any of these masks will be a delight to the recipient.
  • Our masks can even be used as an ornament for your wrapping! Tape a nügg to the middle of a bow for a lovely addition to any gift.
  • Hang nüggs on the tree! Take a clear, fill-able ball ornament (you can find these at most craft stores) and place a few nüggs in them with a bit of tinsel. These make for a cute way to give a “sneak peek” of what’s to come on Christmas morning!
  • Get creative and organize a color coordinated selection of gifts using any of our face masks as the basis. Is your loved one obsessed with any and all things pink? Try our Hydrating face mask. Maybe green? How about the Deep Cleansing? Themed gifts are a great way to show your loved one that you put a lot of thought behind their gift, and it feels more personal.
  • Another fun way to package our nuggets of skincare goodness…Christmas crackers! Get crafty and wrap a bunch of our face masks into homemade Christmas crackers for a fun, skin saving surprise.

And don’t forget about yourself. With the stress of the holidays, it’s necessary to kick-back and give yourself a little me-time. A nügg face mask which is 100% natural and an Epsom salt bath is an easy way to rejuvenate your body and mind. Check out our at-home spa tips here for some inspiration!

P.S Stay tuned for our DIY wrapping blog post coming soon!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,

nügg Beauty Team