As the days get darker and the nights get colder, it is the perfect time to spend your evenings in with a little pampering session. One of our favorite things to do is treat ourselves to all of those amazing treatments you see on those fancy-shmancy spa menus, but without breaking the bank or leaving the comfort of our warm, toasty homes. With a few DIY spa tips and your favorite nügg face mask, you too can indulge in an evening of pure relaxation.

As you may know, nugg face masks such as moisturizing face mask (hydrating face mask), exfoliating face mask, lip mask, depuff eye mask, anti aging mask, deep cleansing face mask etc. are filled with potent, high quality natural oils and extracts that make for a beautiful spa-quality facial but at an affordable price point. So whatever your skincare need, nügg is the perfect companion to any at-home spa treatment your heart may desire. We suggest starting with our award-winning Deep Cleansing face mask to rid the pores of any impurities or our Exfoliating mask to gently slough away dead skin cells (if time allows, of course doing both is perfect). Once your skin is perfectly prepped, we suggest using the Revitalizing mask if you have normal or dull & tired skin as it gives a slight tingle that really wakes you up and feels truly delightful. If you have sensitive skin or if your skin is in a troubled state, use the Deep Cleansing face mask followed up by our Soothing mask. The shea butter and chamomile will help calm your skin, as well as give it a boost of hydration. Feel free to leave this mask on for the entirety of your pampering session...because a little over-indulgence never hurt anyone!

To make your at-home spa experience, extra special consider trying these DIY Spa Treatments:

Warming Ginger Body Scrub

We love a good body scrub and this warming body scrub is perfect for those chilly nights. 
This recipe makes just enough to use on those rough bits on your legs and arms.

In one bowl mix together the following:

1 cup light brown sugar
1/3 cup steel cut oats
3⁄4 cup coconut oil
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp ground ginger

Gently buff into damp skin in the areas that are dry or rough.

Pre-pedicure Foot Soak

This DIY may sound a little weird but boy does it work! If your feet are in need of some much needed TLC, just give this Listerine foot-soak a try before painting your toes. They’ll look and feel brand new!

In a large bowl mix the following and let your feet soak for 10 minutes:

1⁄2 cup Listerine
1⁄2 cup white vinegar
5 cups warm water

Honey Yogurt Hair Mask

If your hair is looking a bit drab and could use a boost of shine, this is the hair treatment for you.

Whisk together the following and let sit in your hair for 30 minutes:

1 very ripe banana
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup plain yogurt

To prevent dripping and add some heat, carefully wrap your hair (only your hair!) with saran wrap after applying. 

Now dim the lights, light your favorite candles, grab a good read, and apply a nügg face mask; you’re ready for your at-home spa experience. Which DIY treatment will you be trying?

nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team