The recent drop in temperature and these harsh winds has our skin feeling parched, and we know all of you girls in the North East can relate! With this abrupt change in weather, it is important to make sure you are keeping your skin protected and hydrated properly. The last thing you want is that my-cheeks-are-raw kind of feeling.

Here are some tips on how to save your skin from the effects of these extreme weather changes:

  1. Apply the nügg Hydrating face mask or moisturizing face mask at night as a sleep mask. Cover your face, avoiding the eye area, with a thin layer of the mask as if it were your moisturizer. This will help to prevent and repair any damage from the dry, cold air. This will be the perfect mask for those having dry skin.
  2. Use room humidifiers to make sure the air in your home isn't pulling moisture out of the skin. If you don’t have a humidifier, keeping bowls of water around the house will help to infuse a little extra moisture.
  3. In the morning before heading out into the cold, apply your moisturizer (of course, with SPF) while your skin is still damp. This will help to seal moisture into the skin and prevent those dry, itchy patches that can often pop-up this time of the year. Don’t forget to take care of your lips. Use lip mask and protect your lips from getting chapped.

Taking these tips into consideration will not only help save your skin this winter, but will also help your makeup wear longer throughout the day. Dehydrated skin often sucks in the makeup you are applying, causing that cakey look that no one is after. You wouldn't step out of the house without gloves and a scarf, so be sure to keep your skin properly “clothed” as well.

nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team