Not only are nügg masks a perfect way to end your day, but they are also a wonderful way to start your morning by prepping the skin for beautiful makeup application. We all know what it’s like when your foundation seems to not be applying quite right. It can be absolutely frustrating. But have no fear…whether your problem is streakiness or undesired texture, we have the solution to achieve a flawless finish!

When your skin is lacking hydration and you begin to apply your foundation, the skin senses moisture and immediately pulls it into the skin to try and quench it’s thirst. This causes the foundation to dry down very quickly, making blending difficult. Not only can this cause streakiness, but also uneven coverage causing you to use more foundation and eventually go through your bottle faster…YIKES!

To prevent this from happening, apply our Hydrating face mask after cleansing. This mask helps to quench and soften dry skin as well as increase its ability to retain moisture throughout the day. With a smooth and hydrated canvas, you will be able to blend your foundation with ease to achieve a blended, streak-free finish. If you have sensitive or stressed skin, we recommend you apply our Soothing mask for the same positive effect and skin preparation.

If texture is the issue, the Exfoliating face mask will be your morning must-have. With teeny-tiny jojoba beads and natural lactic acid, any flakiness or bumpy bits are gently buffed away to reveal smooth and radiant skin. No more highlighting uneven texture with your foundation when you are actually trying to cover it up! Prepping the skin with this mask will give you a smooth base that allows foundation to melt into the skin for an incredibly natural finish.

If you are thinking about how to get rid of chapped lips, then use Nugg lip mask, which would be the best lip moisturizer you have ever used. If you are searching for how to depuff eyes, then use depuff eye mask.

Kristyn, our nügg Aesthetician, loves using our natural face masks to prep skin for makeup: “The masks will tremendously help to hydrate and smooth the skin. Any of these masks applied for 5 minutes, rinsed, then followed with light hydration, will provide a more even base for makeup application. Alternatively, you can also apply a thin layer of the Hydrating face mask or Soothing mask and leave it on your skin when you apply foundation which provides ongoing hydration, protects the skin and makes applying and blending foundation even easier.” Hydrating face mask is really effective for dry skin. Using the Soothing mask is great to calm any redness and reveal an even skin tone.

Not only can these facial masks be amazing for prepping the skin, but who knew you could use nügg AFTER your makeup is already applied?! That’s right! Kristyn suggests using a small amount of Revitalizing on the cheek bones and forehead to give the skin a fresh, dewy look.

Now go ahead: grab the right nügg for you and start to experience makeup application like never before with a smooth and hydrated canvas; your skin!


nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team