nügg is such a wonderful addition to any skincare routine, but making sure you keep up a consistent, effective regimen is key to obtaining all of the amazing benefits that nügg has to offer.

Often times when you wake up in the morning, your skin may not feel dirty but this does not mean that you can get away with stepping out of the house before giving it a little TLC.

First off, it’s important to make sure you remove any dirt or dust that managed to find it’s way into your pores overnight. Assuming you cleansed the night before (we will get to that later), a deep clean isn’t always necessary in the AM. How you decide to cleanse is all about how your skin is feeling when you get out of bed.

If your t-zone is oily or you are experiencing breakouts, use a gentle cleanser that works well with your skin type (the general rule of thumb is a cream cleanser for dry skin and gel for an oily skin) and follow it up with our Deep Cleansing mask to absorb excess sebum and also clean and refine pores. If you wake up with dry skin, or you aren’t especially oily, apply a small amount of toner to a cotton round and sweep it along your t-zone for a light cleanse.

Cleansing properly preps your skin to really absorb the benefits from whichever nügg Face Mask best suits your current needs. Because 5 minutes is all it takes, it’s easy for you to work nügg into your daily routine for a little extra pampering and amazing skin benefits. Tip: Try using the Revitalizing in the morning to give your skin a boost of energy. It will also help to wake you up with it’s refreshing cooling sensation.

After you rinse the mask off with a little warm water, apply your moisturizer.  Not only does moisturizing your skin feel amazing, but the anti-aging benefits from this simple step are huge. Moisturizing will help promote rapid skin cell turnover, providing your skin with fresh cells that keep your skin looking young and healthy. For moisturizing, you can use moisturizing face mask or hydrating face mask. If you feel your lips are chapped, then you can use lip mask. This would be the best lip moisturizer that helps you to get rid of chapped lips.

One final step and that is sun protection. Whether you are spending time out in the sun or not, using SPF is always important. Sun can creep in through the windows of your car or your office, so be sure to apply an SPF of at least 15 before heading out the door no matter where you are headed. Your skin will thank you in the future!

nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team