Not only are we passionate about providing you with little nuggets of goodness for your skin, but encouraging random acts of kindness to yourself and others is also one of nügg’s top priorities. Being kind to yourself includes being kind to your body.  One way to hit refresh and give both your body and skin some love is through a juice cleanse. Here in the office we had been toying with the idea of a cleanse for a week or so and decided to finally take the plunge. With a little research we decided on a 3-day cleanse through Jus by Julie. Their drinks are specifically blended with combinations of nutritious fruits and vegetables that are designed to rid the body of impurities.

For every night of the cleanse, we used nügg Face Masks (per usual) to ensure that we were optimizing the wonderful skin benefits from doing a juice cleanse. Having never done a cleanse ourselves, we were very eager, yet nervous, to get started. We thought it would be helpful for us to document our thoughts along the way and then share our experience with you here!

Day 1

A package from Jus by Julie arrived in the office promptly at 10:30am, filled with three days worth of juice conveniently packaged in insulated reusable bags. We were excited to see what was in store for us throughout the next three days and got very excited to see that there was quite a variety of drinks. As much as we do enjoy a good green juice, it was nice to see heartier drinks make an appearance. For example, their Island Coconut drink, which contains coconut meat, dates, and cinnamon sounded like a delicious escape from the norm. The consensus later was that the Island Coconut was most definitely our favorite.  With the excitement still lingering, we powered through the day pretty well. No complaints of hunger, just a few small headaches here and there, and before we knew it we had successfully completed our first day.

Day 2

The second day, however, was a different story. Although everyone admitted to feeling less bloated and a little bit lighter, energy was down in the office as a whole. The Jus by Julie FAQ state that it is not uncommon to experience headache, fatigue, or dizziness so we all tried to stay as positive as possible, knowing that this was all part of the detox process. Despite lack of energy, the drinks had kept any and all cravings at bay; not a peep from anyone regarding hunger. We also felt as though our minds had been cleaned out and organized; leaving us with the ability to stay even more focused than usual. By the end of the day, the symptoms were the same: no energy, no cravings, and no hunger. What we enjoyed most about this was that although we were fatigued, it was a relief to not feel famished as well. Because the juices are blended, you really receive all the necessary nutrients to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Day 3

Third and final day arrives and our symptoms were varied. Hearing rumors that the third day of cleansing is usually the easiest to get through, we were all optimistic. Two of us felt incredibly refreshed and energized, but in general the team was looking forward to getting back to eating regularly. Although feedback was mixed on the symptom front, everyone agreed that their stomachs were less bloated and their skin showed a surprising amount of improvement in clarity. Just knowing that it was the final day was motivation enough and we all made it through the cleanse with no slip-ups!


Now let’s talk skin! I personally had been experiencing quite a few breakouts pre-cleanse, possibly due to diet. I used the Deep Cleansing Mask on the first night, Hydrating Face Mask on the second, and repeated the Deep Cleansing again on the third. My skin has definitely improved significantly since we started. The decrease in size of my breakouts is ridiculously amazing. There are only a few small spots left and they are barely noticeable. Ridding my body of toxins and continuing my use of nügg has really helped improve my skin even more than nügg on it’s own.

Doing this cleanse has made such an improvement in all of our daily lives. We are all in a much healthier state of both body and mind. It has inspired us keep our meal choices healthier because who wouldn’t want to continue feeling as great as we do now. Although we have only been off the cleanse for a few days now, there is also this uncontrollable desire for us to plan the next office cleanse!

The verdict: We highly recommend a juice cleanse to anyone who wants to remove impurities from their body and get on the fast-track to a much healthier lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to use nügg face masks such as deep cleansing mask, lip mask, eye mask, hydrating face mask, exfoliating face mask etc. daily during and post-cleanse to increase the amazing skin benefits from juicing!


nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team