These masks are amazing as-is, fresh out of the package and right onto the face, but sometimes we like to switch things up a bit.

Here are some of our favourite, unconventional ways to use the face masks:

  • Throw the Revitalizing Mask in the fridge for an out of this world cooling sensation. It helps to rev up the peppermint for an incredibly refreshing feel.
  • For sunburns, you can also pop the Soothing Mask in the fridge to help bring down the heat and calm any irritation.
  • The Exfoliating Face Mask isn’t only a great for the face. Layer some onto areas of the body that tend to get rough, like the backs of your arms, to gently smooth out those bumps and slough away dry skin.
  • When using the Anti-aging Mask, layer some down onto the neck and chest which generally tends to age faster than the skin on the face. You can even put some on the backs of your hands to get some anti-aging action there as well!
  • Although it only takes 5 minutes to reap the benefits of these amazing nuggets, one of our favourite things to do is leave the Hydrating face mask or Soothing Mask on overnight. A thin layer of either of those and you will wake up with the most amazingly nourished skin. We just love it!
  • If your skin is having a total freak-out, don’t stress! Layering the Soothing Mask on after the Deep Cleansing Mask is a perfect way to not only heal breakouts, but also balance and calm any redness or sensitivity.
  • If you want to get rid of chapped or cracked lips, then use lip mask which will act as the best lip moisturizer.
  • Do you have puffy eyes? Thinking about how to depuff eyes? Then depuff eye mask will be apt for you.

Hope all these tips will be useful to you. Use these natural face masks as per directed and experience the difference.


nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team