It’s that time of year when you ask yourself, “why do I live where the air hurts my face?”. Unfortunately for a lot of us, winter means freezing temperatures and being cold no matter how many layers you put on. 

It goes without saying that when there is snow on the ground and a chill in the air, you aren’t about to step outside without the correct clothing to protect you. The step that is often forgotten is protecting the skin on your face. Those harsh cold winds really strip the skin of moisture and you can not only feel it, but you can see it. Uncomfortably tight skin with a cracked, textured finish is never a good look. 

Not only does the winter effect your skin from the outside but it also effects it from the inside through something called respiratory water loss. You know when it’s so cold that you can see your own breath in the air? Well that is respiratory water loss and it’s a big contributor to dehydration in the winter. You’re not always associating winter with dehydration, but it’s something to take into serious consideration. In colder temperatures, your body is 40% less likely to feel thirsty even when dehydrated. Not only is this unhealthy for your general wellbeing, but it’s also damaging your skin. 

In order to combat the effects of winter, you will need some serious moisture in order to help your skin stay soft and smooth until spring is here again. Face Masks are your savior in conditions like these. They are the perfect companion to your skin care routine to help give your skin a little extra love. We recommend using our Hydrating face mask twice a week to boost overall softness and moisture. When feeling extremely dry, apply a thin layer of the Hydrating face mask at night as a sleep mask. Tape the capsule shut and use remaining content within the next few days. Wash off any excess in the AM. This moisturizing face mask will be very useful for those having dry skin.

If you’re feeling as though your skin needs a serious boost, our Dry Skin Rx is a convenient, four day treatment regime that improves moisture and keeps your skin looking and feeling hydrated for longer. What we love most is that this regime is super easy-to-follow and doesn’t require a lengthy amount of time or steps in order to see results:

Day 1: Exfoliate & Hydrate - Exfoliating the dead skin away allows your skin to easily soak in all the goodness from your skin care products. Massage the Exfoliating face mask into the skin for one minute and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing. After using the Exfoliating mask, apply the Hydrating face mask which can be used as face mask for dry skin, for a boost of hydration. Rinse off after 5 to 10 minutes.

Day 2 & 3: Soothe - Apply a thin layer of the Soothing mask on clean skin at night, leave the mask on overnight and rinse off in the morning to reveal smooth and calm skin. Tape the capsule shut between uses and store in a closed zip lock bag.

Day 4: Hydrate - On the final day, give your skin one last boost of moisture with the Hydrating face mask. Apply the entire capsule and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off or remove with a damp washcloth.

On top of protecting your skin with nügg, be sure to drink plenty of water even if you aren’t feeling particularly thirsty. Keeping a humidifier in the house also helps to boost moisture levels in the air. To learn more about dry skin, click here

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